Criminal Law

SRK Law has extensive experience handling a wide range of summary conviction and indictable offences under the Criminal Code of Canada, the Highway Traffic Act, and the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.

We Defend All Criminal Charges Including:

  • Offences against the Person: Assault, Threats, Assault with a Weapon, Criminal Negligence
  • Drug Offences: Possession, Trafficking, Grow Operations, Production
  • Property Offences: Theft, Break & Enter, Fraud, Possession of Stolen Property, Arson, Mischief
  • Weapons Offences: Firearms, Dangerous Weapon, Concealed Weapon
  • Driving Offences: Impaired, Over 80 mg, Dangerous Driving, Refusing Breath/Blood Samples
  • Offences Against Administration of Law & Justice: Obstruct Justice, Public Mischief, Forgery
  • Offences Causing Death: Murder, Manslaughter, Dangerous Driving Causing Death


Helpful Resources:

Talking to Police: Why you need a Lawyer

Describes your rights and the need for legal representation when making a statement to Police.

My Child is in trouble with the law, what can I do for help?

A guide for parents with information on the Ontario Justice system, youth records and why you need a lawyer

Police Powers: Stops and Searches

Explains your rights when being questioned, detained or searched by the police.

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SRK Law Professional Corporation is a Mississauga based law firm specializing in the areas of Criminal Defence and Real Estate Law. Our goal is to provide personalized legal services to achieve desired results which are cost-effective to our clients. We strive to represent you aggressively in your matters.

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