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SRK Law is highly regarded for our extensive experience and understanding of real estate matters. We serve a diverse clientele in ranging from individual property owners and small businesses to owners of commercial properties.

Real Estate Law Pricing

Residential Purchase

  • Purchase: $695.00 (including first mortgage)
  • Each Additional Mortgage/Line of Credit (with purchase): $195.00
  • Disbursements (approximate): $375.00

Residential Sale

  • Sale: $695.00
  • Disbursements (approximate): $275.00 (including one discharge)
  • Each Additional Discharge/Payout: $50.00

Mortgage Refinance

  • New Mortgage with A-Type Lender: $595.00
  • New Mortgage with B-Type Lender: $695.00
  • Disbursements (approximate): $375.00 (including one discharge)
  • Each Additional Discharge/Payout: $50.00


  • With Refinance: $265.00 (*Land Transfer Tax may apply)
  • Transfer only: $495.00 + Disbursements (*Land Transfer Tax may apply)

Title Insurance

  • $278.00 - $325.00 is an average premium for homes under $350,000.00


  • The Ontario Land Registry charges a fee for registering each Transfer, Mortgage, Line of Credit, Assignment of Rents, POA, etc.
  • Each document registered is $74.72

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